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Six Good Reasons to Bring Smoothies into Your Life!

Smoothies come in and out of my life like so many other edible items. But I have to admit, I keep coming back to them. Today I made one with milk, plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, banana, kale and ice—pretty good! Some people get a little overwhelmed when it comes to needing multiple ingredients in a recipe form. It's way easier to grab a banana or a yogurt, right? It's really not that complicated. First off, It's important to note that I have made hundreds of smoothies and have never owned a fancy $600 Vita Mix. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they are fabulous, incredible machines. Some people might argue with me, but the truth is not eveyone has that kind of money or there are those that do not want to invest in a fancy machine until they know that smoothies are their thing! I think my blender was 29.99. Anyway, read my six good reasons to bring smoothies into your life and I will get you started with some tips for making smoothies really manageable!

1. If you're not a big breakfast person, a smoothie is like a plate of food in a drink or a really healthy dessert!

2. Blending a smoothie is one way to take in disease fighting power foods like Kale and spinach without even tasting them!

3. Using a base like milk and yogurt is another way to get the imperative bone healthy calcium we all need.

4. Smoothies often have at least a couple of servings of fruits which adds another slew of vitamins to the mix.

5. If you are having stomach issues, blending foods is a great way to take in nutrients which are more easily digestible.

6. You can take a smoothie with you in a travel mug if you're in a hurry to work or school.

I have a friend that was in recovery from a tough illness. She called me because she really wanted to beef up her immune system and she knew that smoothies could be a great avenue for that. She asked me to come over and teach her how to make smoothies. I am really not into following measurements when it comes to smoothies because it's kind of a personal thing, right? Some like it sweet, some like it extra creamy etc.

I was trying to come up with measurements for all the ingredients and she stopped me abruptly and said, "Isn't that the character of smoothies? You just wing it and throw together what tastes good to you." She is absolutely right, but there are some tips I want to share. First off, I like to use some ingredients to give it a creamy texture wheather its yogurt, peanut butter, avacado or banana. Speaking of bananas, they land in most of my smoothies. Many recipes call for half of a banana, but I usually go for the whole banana for flavor and texture. If you need a little sweetener, throw some in. I always use milk for my base liquid and add 5 ice cubes to enhance the texture and give it that crisp cold temperature. For some basic smoothie recipes check out my book, College Basic Training: strengthen your mind and body to leap any college hurdle.

Here are some basic ingredient to make fab smoothies!

1. Frozen berries (blueberries are my fav)

2. Bananas

3. Yogurt (plain is healthier, but flavored will add more sweetness)

4. Peanut butter

5. Milk

6. A sweetner like agave nectar

7. Spinach or kale

8. Cocoa powder

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