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About Me
Hey there! I'm Susan Jensen, certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. My maiden name was swanson and my nick name was Swan—just in case you were wondering where that came from! How about you? 
Are you frustrated with weight gain, lack of energy, hormonal changes or chronic pain? Please don’t  give up on feeling and looking great! 
All it takes is the right, qualified person to help you set goals, hold you accountable and give you the tools and motivation to make positive change!
My Journey to health coaching—full disclosure!

After graduating from the University of Minnesota, I worked as a road rep in the fashion industry. I drove for hours and shlepped heavy bags of fashion accessory sample boards throughout the midwest. It didn’t take long before I was crippled with back pain at the age of 25 and literally couldn’t stand for 10 minutes at a time for nearly two years.


After visiting orthopedic doctors, massage therapists and chiropractors with no success, I found a personal trainer at a local YMCA who showed me a few strengthening exercises and motivated me to get my Personal Fitness Trainer certification (American Council on Exercise).


This education allowed me to successfully rehabilitate my back and it didn't take long for me to realize I was meant to help others overcome physical and mental obstacles. I wanted to majorly impact lives for the better!


Personal training was rewarding for about 10 years, but I realized that pushing weights around for people didn’t necessarily turn into weight loss, heightened energy, healthy body composition and efficient body function. Nutrition and many other lifestyle habits were also instrumental to weight loss and overall health, so that is what motivated me to get my Health Coach certification in 2004.


In 2011 I was brought to my knees with excruciating chest pain and irregular heart beats. After 4 years of debilitating recurrent pain, multiple hospitalizations and no diagnosis, a young, inquisitive cardiologist diagnosed me with Idiopathic Recurrent Pericarditis (inflammation of the sac around the heart).

Unfortunately, I did not respond well to the traditional treatment: I was in pain and I was scared. Here I was a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, and I couldn't exercise and raise my heart rate. How was I suppose to show up for my clients on days I felt like I could hardly breathe. How could I set an example and portray the image of a fit and toned fitness trainer? Why was someone like me who exercised daily and ate all my fruits and vegetables afflicted with a rare disease like this? Yes, I was having my own little pity party!


Fortunately, I was a candidate for a new successful treatment and I'm grateful to be active again. In the end, I am a far better health coach and I have a greater appreciation for health and life itself! All we want to do is age gracefulIy, feel well and be confident in our own skin, right?  I enjoy helping people feel better inside and out more than ever before!

Let’s do this!

I want to talk to you and learn more about your situation. Email me to schedule your free phone discovery session! I can't wait to  find out what I can do to help you succeed!

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