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Sleep Deprivation: Consequences and Natural Solutions You May Not Know About!

Many of my clients and friends have trouble sleeping and I’m the first to admit I’m a horrible sleeper, as well! Yes, even health coaches and personal trainers can be horrible sleepers! For years I took the easy way out by popping Benedryl most nights of the week. But after a little research, I realized we can’t count on any drug to be totally safe with regular and long-term use. Sleep aids and medications are difinitely necessary in some cases, but it’s worth your time and effort to get to the bottom of your sleep disturbance and try the natural solutions available to you. We have restless nights for different reasons. If you’re a chronic worrier, your sleep solutions may be different from one who may be going through hormonal changes or someone battling allergies. Regardless, it’s important to try to do everything you can to get to the root of the problem and sleep well most of the time! Why? We are more susceptible to colds and flu, not to mention very serious illness when we are sleep deprived. When we are sick, we get behind in our daily responsibilities, causing stress and also less attention to nutrition and exercise. Brain function can be dramatically impaired. We may lose focus and concentration resulting in poor work/school performance and even daily tasks. Irritability and moodiness often stem from lack of sleep and can significantly strain our relationships. People who don’t get enough sleep eat more bad stuff! Experts have found in some recent studies that people who weren’t getting enough sleep took in substantially more calories (350-550 in many cases) and made poorer food choices. the studies revealed that sleep deprivation may activate the brain related to motivation and reward when it comes to a response to food. In other words, a piece of cake or french fries often look more appealing when we are sleep deprived and the satiation it provides can be much stronger! Sleep disturbances can actually disrupt our hormones causing weight-gain and harmful fat deposition. Exhaustion quickly kills our motivation to go to the gym, therefore exercise is compromised. Now we have a double whammy: whacked-out hormones, fat and sugar cravings and no motivation to workout! Yep, that could cause a little weight-gain! Knowing there are risks and detrimental side effects with sleep aids and medications, I’m doing everything I can to control my environment and sleep naturally. Here’s a list I made for myself and I thought it was worthwhile to share! Tips for a better night’s sleep

  1. Exercise regularly but not too soon before bed

  2. Keep your room dark or wear eye patches (found mine at Bed Bath and Beyond)

  3. Try background noise like a fan

  4. Wear ear plugs to drown out disruptive noises

  5. Keep your room cool and don't dress too warm

  6. Unplug from all devices a while before you got to bed

  7. Don't go to bed starving or too full

  8. Reduce caffeine and keep it to the morning hours

  9. Reduce alcohol and stop early (hours before bed)

  10. Try relaxation/meditation podcasts

  11. Consult with your doctor regarding any physical or mental issues that could be preventing you from sleeping.

Natural products that might help you There are natural sleep aids like Melatonin that work for some, but I still get that sleep hangover from them and never really feel like I wake up! doTerra Essential oils have given my clients (and me) some amazing night-time relief without the groginess. My clients feel great about using them because they are safe and effective— totally natural solutions from powerful, natural essential oils that come straight from a plant! I’m addicted to Serenity—who doesn’t need a little serenity in their lives!

  1. Rub doTERRA Lavender or Serenity essential oils on your pillow to calm the senses

  2. Rub doTERRA Deep Blue Rub on sore and tired muscles and joints that might disrupt sleep

  3. Use doTERRA Breathe oil or Breathe stick for snoring and respiratory relief at night or during the day

  4. Use doTERRA DigestZen oil to ease tummy discomfort that might disrupt sleep.

  5. Diffuse a blend of doTERRA essential oils through a diffuser, creating a soothing mist that helps calm the senses and/or heightens respiratory function.

Be mindful of all the things you can do to promote sound sleep and your overall health will sky-rocket and your risk for disease will plummet! Happy sleeping!

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about health coaching programs or essential oil education. Anytime I can help someone feel better it’s a great day!! Email me at

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