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What's the Beef About Steak?

I know, I know, research shows that steak eaters might be at risk for heart disease and cancer, right? Ok, it's really not so black and white. It's kind of like saying wine is bad for you. Well, how much wine are you drinking—a glass or a bottle, red or white? You could ask the same thing about chocolate. Are you going for a few dark chocolate kisses or the full size milk chocolate candy bar? Like wine and dark chocolate, steak has healthful attributes so you might not choose to scratch it completely off your list.

First, it's high in iron and many teen girls and women in their child bearing years are iron deficient. Steak also contains vitamin B12 and zinc—healthy for your immune system. Your risk factor really depends on your health and how much and what type of beef you're eating. My motto is everything in moderation. It has been said that calorie for calorie, beef is a very nutrient rich food. Here's the important skinny on steak. Watch your portions and your frequency. A little bit of steak—three to five ounces—can go a long way! Choose cuts of meat that are graded "choice" or "select" instead of the higher fat "prime" version.

I'm not afraid of a little bit of steak, especially if it's accompanied by a generous portion of veggies! Ofcourse, if you are on a restricted diet suggested by a physician or a dietician, their advice trumps mine! Finally, the portion in this picture is too big. Take half of it home and get a two for one!

Here is a really simple, tasty recipe modified from

Pan Seared Steak with Onion and Worcestershire

Vegetable oil

Flank, sirloin or skirt steak

Coarse salt and ground pepper

1 medium onion, thinly sliced

Worcestershire sauce

butter (optional)

1/4th cup chopped parsley

Heat up a little oil in a skillet on medium high

Season steak with salt and pepper

Cook on medium high (the meat should be sizzling) until dark brown and crusty 4-5 minutes per side for medium rare

Remove steak and let rest

Add a little more oil to the pan if needed, add onion and a little butter

Cook until tender

Add a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce to the onion mixture and stir

Thinly slice steak

Top with onion and parsley


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