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Breakfast Ingredients for Great Energy and Concentration


Most of us have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I have to agree. I find if I eat a hearty breakfast packed with protein, healthy carbs and a little bit of fat, my energy is high and my concentration is better.

If I have the time, I like to include veggies in my breakfast in case my “green” options aren’t so great later. When my college age kids are home they get a little competitive with me on who can come up with the best breakfast combos. I have to admit, they win most of the time! But, I would like to think they learned from the best—wink, wink.

The breakfast base is often a whole grain bagel or bread. Sometimes they will start with a very light spread of plain or salmon cream cheese and build on it with tomatoes, capers and sometimes a little bit of raw spinach. Slices of raw salmon (lox), are so good and healthy but expensive. Lox is great layered with a tiny bit of cream cheese, tomato slices and capers and so worth it once in a while!

When we have time to cook, we will prepare sunny-side up or poached eggs and often layer them with lightly sautéed mushrooms, peppers, or spinach. If we have veggie leftovers like asparagus or green beans, they will definitely land on our egg sandwiches.

I kind of compare breakfast sandwiches to smoothies—keep your base of ingredients in the fridge, switch it up and get creative! A good breakfast will help your concentration at school and work, give you a better workout if you’re heading off to the gym, and allow you a head start on healthy nutrition from the get go! Bon appetite!

For more awesome and simple, but healthy meal ideas and health tips, check out College Basic Training: strengthen your mind and body to leap any college hurdle.

Susan Jensen

Author, Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach

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