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Peach Caprese

This Peach Caprese salad or appetizer is one of the easiest, tastiest recipes I have ever posted! I love recipes with four ingredients that are delectable! We all try to make our recipes look pretty and this one is pretty! The only challenge might be to slice the peaches in beautiful round slices. Check out this video if you want a little help with that!

I've always loved the traditional Caprese Salad with tomatoes, but when it's peach season you have to take advantage of this scrumptious delight! I know not everyone has orange essential oil in their kitchen but it adds amazing flavor.

I use a couple drops of Wild Orange oil in my water, in my protein balls and anything chocolate! I even rub it between my hands and inhale it if I need to have an uplifting, energizing moment! If you don't have the oil, I'm sure this recipe will survive without it! I know there is orange flavored cooking oils out there that would mix well with the balsamic too.


2 peaches, sliced into rounds

1 ball of mozzarella, sliced

Basil leaves

1/4th cup Balsamic + 2 drops Wild Orange doTERRA essential oil (optional but AMAZING)


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