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You Can Do This: Fight Depression

In the wake of Robin Williams’ death, depression is being talked about in this country more than ever before. We are all realizing that depression hits many different types of people; no matter how successful they are in their jobs, friendships or family life. No one is immune to depression and many people hide it until it’s too late.

Exercise releases some of the same chemicals in your brain that are used in drug therapy. It’s very easy for the experts to say, “go exercise, you will feel better!” Really? What about the person that can’t get out of bed? If you are one of those people, try sitting up and looking out the window. Pick something out there that makes you feel happy or sparks your interest—a flower, budding tree or children playing.

Pick some of your most comfortable clothes and shoes and put them on. Then put on some headphones and dial it to music that energizes you, something upbeat or inspirational. Perhaps the positive beat lifts the spirit just enough to walk towards the front door and out for a walk. If you only last five minutes, it’s OK; it’s a step in the right direction. Try to make it to eight minutes the next day.

Getting help from a medical professional, talking to a trusted friend or relative, and movement everyday will likely send you on the path towards hope and then peace. Tell yourself you are strong enough to fight this fight. Do it not only for yourself, but also for the ones that love you. There is so much to live for!


Raise awareness about college depression

By Susan Jensen

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