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Spring Celebration Survival Tips for Weight Maintenance

Tis the season: food, drink, food and more drink! I honestly think spring is a harder time to control the intake than the holidays! Everyone is so relieved that the weather is consistently warm, and we are all more willing to open up our homes and decks to celebratory events.

Who can resist that margarita or two when we have been waiting all winter! Graduate parties are in full swing and kid friendly food is abundant! Chicken wings, tacos, pizza and cake surround us everywhere we turn! Most of you know how to curb the food shoveling temptation, but we all need some reminders, so here goes:

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Establish your cocktail limit before you walk in.

  • Eat a healthy snack, including protein before you go.

  • Don’t hang out by the food table.

  • Give yourself a rule that fruit/veggies take up a good portion of your plate.

  • Take small samplings of your favorite naughty food.

  • Don’t give in to food shoveling just because your friends are (Binge buddy temptation can be a problem).

  • Have fun and seek out great conversation!

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