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Skinny Lox and Veggie Stack

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I know I have posted this favorite lox breakfast before, but this time I swapped out the cream cheese for laughing cow cheese (only 35 calories a wedge) and it’s good, not that a little cream cheese is going to hurt anybody, but Just sayin’, if you’re a cheese spread lover and watching those calories.

Lox (salmon) is a great way to get protein full of vitamins and healthy omega 3 fatty acids—important for brain health, eye health and inflammation reduction which is the cause of so much disease.


Whole grain bread of your choice

Laughing Cow cheese



Red onion


Salt & pepper


Hey there! I am Susan Jensen. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love testing out recipes that are simple, yet healthy and flavorful! I also love helping people find their healthier fit selves! I am 58 years old and really understand the hurdles and roadblocks life presents, both physically and mentally. Many are facing health issues, injuries, hormonal changes and all that comes with the aging process. But that doesn't mean we can't feel and look amazing! The goal is to shift the mindset and find the tools to give our bodies the fuel and energy it needs to fight off disease and work to its potential! Learn more at or simply click here for a complimentary discovery session. I would love to talk to you!

P.S. Some of you are wondering why Swan is in my title. Well, check out this page and find out!

In good health,

Susan Jensen

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