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Health Coaching

Did you know coaches or mentors are crucial to changes in behavior? Accountability is a huge factor in helping people follow through with their plans for change.


Some of us struggle with emotional eating and weight gain. Others struggle with injuries and ailments. And some of us just want to learn how to be healthier the right way. Whatever your motivation is in seeking out professional help from a health coach, I congratulate you on taking this important step toward your physical health and mental well-being! You are important!


Investing in a health coach is truly a small price to pay for profound changes that last a lifetime. The quality of your life not only affects you, but those around you who love and care about you. There is no better investment than your health. Many lifestyle habits affect our health, and only a trained professional can identify and clarify the weak links. The body will succumb to illness if it’s not taken care of. I know. It happened to me. We all have weaknesses, low points and struggles. Having the support of a professional who understands can help you create a plan to reach your goals efficiently and painlessly!


My programs encompass all the components of healthy living. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle habits, and the mind/ body connection all contribute to our well-being. Lifestyle, weight management and chronic pain coaching can be done over the phone, via Skype, Facetime or in person.  My programs are carefully formulated to fit your needs.


I encourage you to email me and set up a free 30-minute discovery session. Knowledge is power! Information gathering is crucial for you to know if I am the right coach for you and if my programs fit your needs. You will never feel pressure from me.  I value and learn from every confidential discovery session I hold. No conversation is ever a waste of my time!  

“When I first contacted Susan I had little comprehension of even the basic facts about nutrition and working out. Through weekly calls and check-ups, Sue became my health coach. Sue is extremely well educated, professional and easy to talk to. During a four-month period, Sue helped me lose more than 20 pounds. We never met in person, but simply spent 30-45 minutes on the phone each week discussing workout and nutrition plans, simple exercises, and little lifestyle changes. I cannot thank Sue enough for the changes she helped bring into my life. I now am eating and living healthier than ever before and feel great!"

- Mandie

What is Health Coaching?

Here I show you a little video explaining what Health Coaching is all about. Put simply, I help you acheive your health and wellness goals. 

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