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Spring detox—try these tricks.

Happy spring! Often with spring comes a little more drive to clean up the diet! Here are a few things to think about.

I like to get creative, replacing inflammatory foods with pure goodness without giving up flavor and satisfaction! So many of us get stuck in the traditional styles of food intake. We really need to get away from all the meal rules and just focus on the fuel. Why not eat eggs for lunch, oatmeal for a snack and leftover veggies for breakfast?

I was on vacation last week and we were all making sandwiches for a beach lunch, so my friend and I got creative with what ingredients we had (we were both fighting the bloat 😖), so we spread hummus or guac on a slices of turkey (nitrate free) and topped it with a mound of spinach and rolled them up. We cut the processed carbs, replaced not-so-great-for-you mayo and added an incredibly healthful crunch! We had a few of them each, loved it and felt really great afterwards. We also threw leftover, crunchy green beens in a bag and had that instead of chips 🙌.

There are also a lot of tricks to get a sweet treat, naturally. One thing I do nearly everyday is add ripe bananas to my smoothies because they are super sweet—No added sugar needed!

I'll be really honest, I never really supported nutrition based detox programs because some of them are so extreme and we all know our liver does most of the detoxing for us. However, I've changed my tune a bit. Let me explain.

A clean eating program or detox, for lack of a better term, has it's long term benefits, assuming the program is safe and right for you. Even though these plans are usually short-term cycles, I have found with my clients often dietitian approved plans drive eating and drinking awareness to BLOOM! The benefits can be life changing, not to mention a quick boost in weight-loss and energy is huge motivation to stay on track.

Revamping the mindset has always been a focus in my programs. Without that, nothing will stick! I don't expect everyone to follow the plans exactly, but my goal is for my peeps to learn a new way of looking at food and meal prep that lasts a lifetime.

If you are feeling a bit sluggish, could use a mind shift and are worried about getting into your spring clothes, I am excited to announce that I am offering a new 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox. This last year has taken a toll, but things are looking up and I'm hoping this will give my tribe the tools to feel better than they have in a long time!

In good health,


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