Pineapple and Greens Smoothie

It's often challenging getting our greens in during those busy weeks where meal planning and grocery shopping ends up at the bottom of the list!

Here is a great solution!

Make multiple smoothies ahead of time and freeze them. Take one out the night before and place it in the fridge so it's all ready for you to take with you in the morning—boom veggies consumed!

This smoothie is super refreshing so is great for a snack or addition to any meal. Enjoy!

This recipe makes two full size smoothies or 3 medium mason sized jars.


2 cups water

2 cups spinach

2 cups kale

Juice from two limes

3 stems cilantro

4 cups frozen pineapple (I like costco's)


1. Blend water, spinach, kale, lime juice and cilantro in a high speed blender.

2. Add pineapple and blend until smooth.

3. Pour into mason jars, seal and freeze.

4. Pull out the night before consuming and place in refrigerator.

5. Enjoy!


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