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Remember when Pasta was Good for Us and Essential Oils were Just for Hippies?

As a personal trainer and health coach, helping people be their healthiest self is a top priority in my life. I've spent the last 20 years keeping up with the latest health discoveries and have pivoted directions with each and every new development.

In my years of experience we've swung from pasta being the best to the worst, egg yolks and avocados going from bad to good, and sugar being far worse than fat! One thing I think we will never argue is that natural ingredients can't be disputed as the very safest, healthiest way to go.

Our money driven world is killing us, quite literally. Artificial substances add flavor, color and shelf life and we trust it's all OK because it's distributed as edible! I have never been an organic cheerleader or a supplement user. My motto has always been everything in moderation and I still try to live by that. However, after having unexpected health issues, I have come to realize how important 'real' food is and how natural supplementation can be beneficial for many!

I have been plagued by an inflammatory disease I have a difficult time accepting. I guess shock and anger might sum up my reaction. After all, my mom and dad are in their mid-eighties and never needed a prescription drug until recently. I have always exercised regularly and tried to eat healthfully. What the heck?

Like many people who get hit with health problems, I have finally reached the acceptance stage. However, I am not fully accepting the treatments I have been given for the long term. After paying closer attention to my health habits, I realize there was room for improvement in my diet. I am paying much closer attention to limiting processed foods (added sugars and chemicals) and getting "real" food when ever I can.

Recently a client introduced me to doTerra essential oils, stating what a positive difference they have made for her. This intrigued me. Since my introduction, I have learned natural doTERRA essential oils are carefully extracted from plants in regions indigenous to them and thoroughly tested for their safety and purity. There is very specific science behind each oil, their properties and their uses— beautiful aromas, a boost of energy and some anti-inflammatory characteristics among other benefits! Bring it all on! Since then I have been experimenting with the essential oils aromatically (love diffusing them), topically and internally.

Many people have asked me, "How have they changed your life?" First, I tell most that I never dreamt I would be an essential oil advocate, But guess what, here I am! I have been using them in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise and and I can genuinely say I'm sleeping better and my happy meter has risen!

Aside from my fight with physical inflammation, I love having a few scents to reach for that are calming to me because stress is a trigger for so many ailments! I don't think I have come across a single person who isn't affected by stress!

At first I got stuck on the details of which oil I was supposed use for what, and then I realized if I just go with my intuition (they all have such wonderful health benefits) it doesn't really matter. If it smells good to you and gives you the feeling you are looking for, its a good match for you, whether it be calming, uplifting, cleansing... go for it!

I will say, however, that doTERRA has formulated many blends of different oils that are specific to certain needs. For example the On Guard blend supports healthy immune function, Serenity is calming at bed time and Balance is very emotionally grounding.

Essential oils are popping up all over the place, but be careful when you choose a brand of essential oils. Many distributors add other ingredients to their oils, cutting the purity and reducing health benefits and quality of aromas. Who wants a cheap oil if its not safe and doesn't smell that great! Stick with oils that are consistently tested for quality and are 100% pure. The aromas with be in a totally different league!

We all will battle adversity in our lives and learning how to navigate the land mines and support our health can often be a challenge. My favorite thing to do as a health coach is take someone from frustration, to optimism, to feeling awesome. My programs are about overall wellness. But with my own personal experience I have a special interest in chronic pain management. I really cater my programs to the individual depending on their needs— pain management, hormonal changes, energy, sleep, weight management and positive lifestyle changes.

I worked as a personal trainer for many years and decided that solely teaching people how to exercise was not the answer to tackling diet and other health concerns. Now I find ways to discover, teach and motivate my clients with programs specific to them. I still incorporate exercise, but that's just a piece of the pie! It's all about knowledge, support and accountability and I'm still discovering new tools—essential oils are just icing on the cake!

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