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True Confessions from a Health Coach

As a health coach and personal trainer, I truly love what I do! There is nothing that makes me happier than helping others and I work with awesome people! Unfortunately, there are many challenges that go along with running your own business. Even though I am professionally trained to eat well, get my sleep, exercise, and be mindful, I have my low points like anyone else.

I went on a walk with my husband yesterday and had a little mini melt down—yes I did! I was really overwhelmed like so many people are in this busy life we lead. Even if you have the tools, it's sometimes impossible to reach out and grab them. (My first lesson— don't try to analyze your issues when you have been totally sleep deprived!)

As I was venting to my husband about how bad I was at juggling all that needed to be done and what a loser I was after wasting my entire day on technology failures (breaking rule #1—don't talk badly to yourself), he said to me, "Think about the people you are helping!"

Realizing I was on a bit of a negative tailspin and questioning why my brain had shifted from my usual glass-half-full commentary to glass-half-empty doom and gloom, I pulled myself together and changed the subject.

After a better night's sleep, I was back at it again at 5:00 a.m., striving to please my clients and to continue my purpose to try to make a difference. I made my social media posts, had a coaching call, tackled a few technology mishaps and as the day was unfolding I felt another dip of emotional and physical exhaustion. Then I heard a beep, looked at my phone and an astonishing message popped up from an online coaching client that read, "Glad to have you in my life!" It was truly as if an angel was providing a deeper message like, "Girl, get out of your funk and go do what you do best!"

So, to the person that took a moment out of their day to send me a note of thanks and reassurance, I want you to know how important those seven words were to me on that particular day, at that particular moment. My glass suddenly went to three-fourths-empty to overflowing. I was reassured that no matter how many non-paid hours I spent working on my programs and no matter how overwhelmed I get with the business side, if I'm helping people, it's all worth while. We all know that our family, friends and health are what's most important, but in times of stress, it's easy to lose perspective.

It's my hope that this will help you to see the positive impact you are making through all of your efforts, no matter how difficult or frustrating they may be. Most importantly, If there is someone in your life that has made a difference in your well-being, reach out and tell them, because behind their smile, they might be questioning themselves, their goals, their success or their relationships. The power of a few simple words can be the shining light! Brighten someone's day. Pay it forward.

Peace and love,

Susan Jensen

Health coach and personal fitness trainer

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