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Taco Salad Doesn't have to be Sinful

So many of our favorite recipes that are labeled "sinful" don't have to be! Successful weight maintenance or weight loss doesn't have to mean deprivation! We need to enjoy the ride in this wonderful life and enjoy our favorite foods.

We've all heard balance is the key to life, well balance your plate with the right proportions and you will be successful with your body weight goals.

Also, cooking for an entire family sometimes creates a tug-of-war between healthy and not-so-healthy or light and heavy!

Taco salad is a win, win because everyone can dress it up just the way they want. Here I added a few taco chips, a small helping of lean, ground seasoned taco beef (you can get it super lean these days). Then I topped it with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and dressed with a sprinkle of cheese and taco sauce.

Bottom line: go big on the veggies!

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