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Easy, Scrumptious, Spicy Quesadillas

You have to try this! I'm not even a fan of spicy foods and I LOVE these! I figure anything you can serve your family that has veggies, lean protein, good fat and whole grains is a win, win! You can always modified the recipe with mild salsa and cheese if you or your kids don't like a little spice kick!


1 cup chopped rotisserie chicken

1/3 cup "hot" fresh salsa (I used Chef's Recipe)

1/4th cup black beans, drained

1/4th cup frozen corn

8 whole wheat tortillas

Sliced pepper jack cheese (may sub shredded reduced-fat monterey jack)

Optional toppings

Prepared guacamole (I like Costco's)

Reduced fat sour cream

Taco sauce


Combine first 4 ingredients in a bowl.

Divide mixture over 4 tortillas.

Top with cheese

Top with 4 remaining tortillas

Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat.

Coat pan with cooking spray or olive oil.

After the pan is hot, cook a minute or two on each side until golden and warm inside.

Cut into triangles.

Top with Guacamole and/or sour cream and a squirt of taco sauce if desired.

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