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Great abs are made in the kitchen!

Summer is in full swing and some of us are noticing our bellies more than ever! Tight t-shirts and swimsuits are troubling our self-esteem! First of all, we don’t need to look like the models in the magazines because those models probably don’t even look like their own photos in reality, if you know what I mean—we live in a photo shop society so don’t get sucked into perfection! However, we can decide what our own personal best is and try to shoot for that! It does get harder as we age, but having a healthy, fit body is not out of reach at any age, so don’t give up!

There are some facts that need to be realized, however. Flat bellies aren’t made of crunches. They are made in the kitchen. We can do abdominal exercises until we can’t crunch no more, but the muscles we create are not going to show unless we are really good in the kitchen and that means eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. Ditching the high fat munchies, processed desserts and sugary beverages can take time, but you might just be amazed at what a difference it makes! Create great abs with ample cardiovascular exercise, challenging resistance training, and most importantly a clean diet. Make small changes each week and over time good habits will make the difference. I would love to hear your questions, comments or stories! Good luck and keep me posted on your progress!

For the best summary of my diet and exercise tips, check out my new book, College Basic Training. There is something in it for the whole family!

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