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Mindful Movement


For those of you in the depths of a cold winter, here's a reminder:

Unless you got a Fitbit for Christmas or were able to escape to a tropical haven, you probably don't realize how sedentary you may have become during the cold winter months. Lack of movement can often result in weight gain, stiffness and back pain.

How do we keep those resolutions? Keep in mind that every movement throughout the day adds up. Creativity and being mindful of your movement will make a difference—winter can be a long season in many parts of the country!

We all could benefit from a tracking device that will remind us of how little we are moving or reinforce how much we are moving. Tracking our steps, miles or calories burned often helps to create a competitive attitude with ourselves to reach our daily goals.

Traditional cardiovascular workouts on the treadmill or the bike are important, but being active throughout the day is what is going to keep you healthy and help you maintain or reach your acceptable weight. Couple mindful movement with mindful eating and you will beat old man winter, and slip into that swimsuit with ease when spring hits! Do you practice mindful movement already? If so, I would love to hear from you!

Tips for everyday movement:

Run your stairs Stand at your computer Take breaks from your desk to move Hit the mall Walk the skyways Get those extra indoor house projects done Take advantage of the outdoors on days with tolerable temps Play with your kids Chase your dog around Dance when no one is watching!

Susan Jensen

Fitness Trainer and Health Coach

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