Sexual Assault on the College Campus

As I was preparing to post a stuffed pepper recipe, a national news story about college rape came over my television screen. My heart sank. I tried to envision my daughter going through this and even the fleeting thought was too much for me to handle. The thought of our boys crossing the line or not understanding where the line is, also makes for a horrifying vision.

Needless to say my healthy, stuffed pepper recipe went on the back burner and I felt compelled to post a much more important message. When I set out to write my health and safety book for college girls, I never realized how critically important it is for us to educate our kids, both boys and girls, about sexual assault. (It's also important to note that both males and females can be the victims or the perpetrators.)

Just last week a trade review about my book came out (copied below) and the reviewer made "special note" of the sexual assault chapter, clearly the result of growing concerns. I remember handing the book over to my niece and her roommates in September and I said, “If you read one chapter in this book, please read the one on sexual assault and self defense. Being prepared, mentally, is the best way to prevent a tragedy.”

When doing my research, I had very candid talks with college males who were extremely disturbed because they had witnessed friends crossing the line—guys being forceful with young women and taking advantage of them sexually particularly when they had been drinking. I had lengthy interviews with females who were rape victims or had been given the date rape drug. I learned this is going on in epidemic proportions on college campuses from the students, not the ten o’clock news.

My mission, truly, is to prevent tragedies and help our kids with the foundation needed to live a productive and healthy life. Do me a favor and keep talking to your kids. There is so much information at our fingertips. Whether you get the information from my book, from another book or the web, the fact is, knowledge is power and this type of knowledge is imperative!

P. S. I will get that stuffed pepper recipe to you by the end of the week!

The Review:

“Nicely illustrated, "College Basic Training: Strengthen Your Mind and Body to Leap Any College Hurdle" is an informed and informative instruction guide that is thoroughly 'user friendly' from beginning to end. More than just another exercise manual, "College Basic Training" covers such aspects of personal health and well-being as sleep, nutrition, eating disorders, alcohol and drugs, media distraction, and time management. Of special note is the chapter devoted to sexual assault. Enhanced with the inclusion extensive Notes and Additional References, "College Basic Training" is very highly recommended for personal, family, academic, and community library Health & Medicine instructional reference collections.”

Midwest Book Review, December 2014

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