Have a Beautiful, Fun and Satisfying Holiday Sprinkled with a Little Healthful Motivation

If you are reading this post, you probably care about your health and your weight. Every year we are up against the same dilemmas around the holidays. Just because I’m in the business of health doesn’t mean I am any different from you. When it comes to the holidays I am not immune to stress, junkie food temptation, extra wine toasts and diminished exercise.

My motto has always been everything in moderation. Being obsessive and striving for perfection will never be part of my lifestyle. But, what I have learned is to celebrate any efforts and decisions that I make, big or small, that benefit my health.

These efforts become harder for all of us around the holidays. You can completely throw health out the window until after New Years or you can make efforts everyday to counteract some of the extra temptations or diminished motivation you are experiencing.

Here’s some food for thought, no pun intended!

  • If you are struggling to fit in your regular 45 minutes workout, compromise and shoot for 20 minutes of exercise at a little higher intensity.

  • Don’t forget it’s beneficial to exercise for ten minutes here and there if that is the best way to fit it in! Running up and down your stairs or dancing to your favorite tune counts!

  • Pushups and lunges are a quick way to work the entire body in a short amount of time!

  • Working out first thing in the morning is probably your best bet during this busy time!

  • Wear sneakers and comfortable clothes when you shop. You will get more done and burn extra calories!

  • If you have a tracking device, strap it on for movement motivation!

  • Don’t let a day go by without some fruit and veggies.

  • Don’t go to a party or dinner starving! Eat a small amount of protein before you leave.

  • Eat mindfully and when you’re hungry! Stress and exhaustion can lead to mindless eating.

  • Have some of your favorite treats, but set your limits.

  • Socialize away from the buffet table.

  • Don’t forget the calories in eggnog, apple cider, peppermint mochas and alcoholic bevies— but still have fun!

  • Try not to indulge at midnight when you get home.

  • Be mindful about staying hydrated with lots of water!

  • Don’t let yourself get sleep deprived.

If you have any other tips that help you, please share! Inquiring minds want to know!

Have a beautiful, fun and satisfying holiday sprinkled with a little health and motivation. No one is happy about having to start all over after January 1st!

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