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Tips For Coping and Healing after an Injury

Were you really excited about your fitness progress until it all fell apart because of an injury?

It can be downright depressing when you can't be as active as you would like to be, so let me give you coping tools!

Step #1 It's OK to feel the sadness—for a short period of time anyway!

Step #2 Move into the acceptance phase and look for optimism! Don't dwell on the "If I had only..." rear view mirror kind of thinking. It's time to move forward!

Step #3 Be diligent in following doctors orders and stick with the rehab program given to you. This will give you a better chance at full recovery and help you recover more quickly!

Step #4 Set new goals for yourself. If you hurt your arm, set walking goals. If your foot is in a cast, set some core and upperbody strength goals. Take more time for stretching than you use to! Never take on the all-or-nothing mentality!

Step #5 Engage a friend or teammate to participate with you in your modified program or meet your fitness crew for coffee after their workout. Try not to isolate yourself. Socializing is good for the soul and the healing process!

Keep telling yourself, "I've been there before, I'll be there again!"

Happy healing!

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