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Staying Motivated in the Winter

Winter wonderland has hit and we need to do everything we can to find the good in it, especially if we have talked ourselves into despising the cold. Many of us can have the tendency to become a little more sedentary because we are avoiding the elements. Walking in the winter can be a workout like you haven’t experienced in a while. Walking in boots on a slippery surface will challenge your legs in different ways than you may be use to. We subconsciously use muscles differently when we are trying to prevent slipping around, and you will feel it the next day! Wearing heavier foot gear with tread will help to prevent falls, but also add resistance to your stride. Even a slow walk in the winter will challenge your muscles! Naturally, avoiding really icy days is wise because falling can lead to a serious injury, but tackling the elements with good boots and warm clothes can be a great workout, aside from the fresh air that can be so revitalizing! A product called Yak Trax can be slipped on some boots and running shoes and are very effective for slip prevention on icy patches. If you are a winter runner, these are a must!

Hint: have your winter gear in an area where it’s all there and ready to go! If you have to spend 30 minutes looking for matching mittens and your favorite hat amongst the rest of the family’s stuff, you will be frustrated and be more likely to pass on your walk.

If you keep the following items in the same bin, and return it every time. The process will be much more successful!





Fleece or snow pants

The right socks



Leashes and poop bags for the dog!

Embrace the season! Happy walking:)

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