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Let's slim down, firm up, and get our bodies to an amazing place, together, with my easy-to-follow, effective and economical 6 week plan!
Here's what you get:

I have created the 6 Week Reset to help you start the healthy transformation your body is craving in the new year! I want to help you get results simply and economically!


As far as I know there is no other program like this out there!  Unlike a typical online program, you will have optional one-one-one attention and accountability with me through text or email, but make your own schedule!


We will work together for 6 weeks, but  you will pay 1/3rd of the price of a typical coaching program! Most importantly your program will conclude with a phone coaching session to make sure you are on your way to reaching your goals. I will give you tools that will help you continue to move forward  and help to sustain the the positive changes you have made throughout our six weeks together! 

Let's talk food
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In addition to essential macronutrient education on how to best fuel your body, I’m including  time-saving meal suggestions and grocery lists for the person that wants healthy, real, food without the stress that goes with complicated cooking. I will provide expert food go-to charts, grocery lists, healthy snack lists, and simple recipe ideas and important tricks that will make meal planning easy and delicious! 

Let's talk exercise
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I'm going to let a secret out—I don't spend hours in the gym to stay in shape, and I'm super injury prone!  Being a certified fitness trainer, I pride myself in knowing how to put together safe and effective resistance training routines that can change your body composition with out a high risk of injury and endless hours in the gym! I believe in being able the effectively tone your body anywhere—home, hotel room, outside–even in the office! 

I love being creative with my own body weight and minimal equipment for ease and consistency! AND I have two pieces of light weight, inexpensive equipment that I use with my classes and absolutely love! I'll help you get the right products so no more wasted equipment you aren't sure about!  In addition, you will receive 15-30 minute workouts you can do anywhere!

Let's talk mindfulness

Being mindful is truly the key to success! Training your brain takes time, but it it's essential to getting the results you have always wanted! I can't tell you how many times people have said, "I know what to do, I just have to do it!" 


If you haven't done it yet or you have just done it for a

short period of time, then you probably need some tools,

guidance and accountability to change your habits and

see results. It goes way deeper than just exercise and diet!

In addition to digging deep and finding the road blocks to

your success, I have thrown in some short, guided meditations to enhance all parts of your well being!


You are going to love this!

Swanfit PBP Oct 2019 4P7A7515.jpg
I'm so excited!
Swanfit PBP Oct 2019 4P7A7580.jpg

I was so excited when I thought of this amazing program that falls somewhere between one-one-one weekly coaching and traditional online only programs! Please join me on what I truly believe is the best deal out there!


We all need some level of accountability, along with expert wellness advice and I’m your gal! My education in both health coaching and personal fitness training allows me to combine my expertise in specific exercise programs along with weight-loss and health coaching. 

Do it with a friend or family member and make if fun!


Regular price is $175, but early bird pricing is $149! Your equipment alone is equal to $30! That means you are getting amazing coaching tools, guides and support for less than $20 a week! That’s cheaper than one yoga class!


Join me and get back to your healthy, happy place with more energy and confidence.

6 Week Reset—slim down and firm up with me!

Only $149 thru September 15th. Buy now and pick your own start date! Don't forget to bring on a friend!

 Venmo to @susan-Jensen-36

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